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Social Media  Commercials That Sell Stories, Services, and Products 

Whether it's social media commercials, video content for online ads, "old school" commercials (the ones you see on television), or video content for company trainings,  it's important the visual content chosen best engages audiences with a compelling message and targets them by age, gender and so much more. 

Boutique video productions work closely with brands to capture not only beautiful and visually stunning content, but also music, voiceovers, editing, brand colors that evoke emotional responses using all of the above, including copy. Each brand and message is different, and requires rese
arch and understanding about your brand and your audience, before any content can be created. Your brand is unique, and should be treated as such with tailored content, in all forms. 

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My 3-Step Process For Commercial Production

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Brand Questionnaire

I’ll send over a branding questionnaire, to get some key details about the brand, the vision and why you love it so much. 

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Review Meeting

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From there, I curate visual content, music and/or voiceover content as well as craft compelling copy, capturing the brand’s style, voice, and message. I'll send you the commercial for review, and add any additional pertinent information as discussed in our review meeting. 


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 After the review meeting, any additional edits will be made and you'll receive a fully completed commercial, formatted for the social media of your choosing as well as regular formatting, and you're ready to share your brand with the world!

Ready to Make Movie Magic?

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