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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Evergreen Content

Not sure what evergreen content is? Or why you even need this type of content in your marketing plan? Evergreen content is one of the most important forms of content on the internet. Yet, most people don’t know about this well-kept secret or the benefits it can bring a business.

evergreen content for website copy by Calypso Productions

First things first, what is evergreen content? Have you ever read a post on Buzzfeed, perhaps it was about the comfiest clothes of the year. Or maybe you’ve read an article about new Trader Joe’s items or hair trends making a comeback. Those are the exact opposite of evergreen content. Evergreen content is ever going. Ever useful. Ever helpful. Evermore important. Okay, I’ll stop with the evers, but it is important for a business, large, small, and anywhere in between to have this type of content on their site. Why, you may wonder, is evergreen content so important?

There are a lot of reasons why but mainly to create a long-lasting relationship with your audience and rank higher on Google. Evergreen content is content, which often uses SEO (search engine optimized) keywords to rank higher in online searches, that is relevant at any time. Now, in six months and even in two years. It’s not content based on trends, seasons or items that will be out of people’s minds in a few short months. It’s content that can be used over, repurposed and read all year long and still be relevant and useful. No end or beginning of the year predictions. No movies to watch this holiday season or fashion trend posts. That type of content has a short expiration date.

Evergreen Content is Important Because:

1. It gives businesses a chance to connect with their readers and share invaluable information

2. Builds trust with an audience

3. Helps buyers finalize purchase decisions

4. Can be repurposed and tweaked from time to time to create multiple pieces of marketing that can be shared on numerous platforms

5. Creates a reason to stay in front of customers and on their minds

6. Helps brands rank higher on Google and become more searchable

7. Showcases a brand’s knowledge, giving a competitive edge over similar brands

This type of content is such an easy and great marketing strategy. It’s something that every online business, regardless of niche, should apply into their marketing strategy.

If done right, evergreen content alone can boost trust with customers and translate into sales. If you’re thinking about writing some posts on your site, hitting the publish button and going on your merry way without giving this strategy a second thought, you might want to think again.

This type of content is only successful when it’s carefully crafted and planned out.

Whipping up an article or several for your business is best done by a copywriter or professional who can choose specific keywords, headlines, CTAs and other things that will help bring in and keep readers coming back for more. Of course, if there’s no room in your budget for a writer or marketing, you can take a stab at it yourself. You may be able to provide some great helpful content that will rank in Google searches and help potential and repeat buyers. Either way, evergreen content is helpful to any business and is an important tool for any online business.

If you’re looking for copywriting services to expand and update your brand, get in touch!

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