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Strategically Curating on Brand Copy 

Website Copywriting Process

Words are not just words. Regardless of your industry, it's important to speak directly to your audience's needs, desires and problems. A gorgeous website and great product will only go so far, that's where copy comes in. Curating specific words, phrases, call-to-actions, telling a brand's story, among other things are what sets companies apart and brings in more sales. Web copy is an essential part of any business with an online presence. 

I work with brands to cultivate a message that will help bridge the gap between the brand and the customers through strategic website copy and SEO. This not only makes the brand a better choice, but also helps gain notoriety in Google searches. 

Brand Questionnaire

I’ll send over a branding questionnaire, to get some key details about the brand, the vision and why you love it so much. 


From there, I craft the copy, capturing the brand’s style, voice, and message. Then, I’ll send you a wireframe (a document that maps out where the specific copy should be placed for optimal performance). 

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My 3-Step Process For Punchy Website Copy


 Once received, you’ll be able to review the copy and add any suggestions or changes via video call with me. After edits are made, you’ll receive a final copy of the wireframe while I send over the document to your web designer, so you know all is taken care of and you can focus on other things or go lounge at that beach. Totally up to you!

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Ready to Invest in Your Brand?

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