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Helping Start-Ups and Small Businesses Cover More Virtual Ground 

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A boutique Content Production Company with a knack for telling stories through written and visual mediums. Storytelling is the root of everything we do. Whether it be over dinner with friends and family, the way we wear an outfit, how fast we drive during our morning commute, or the words we read on a webpage. The story of who we are “translates” into everything we do. Branding is no different. Your brand has a story to tell and a problem to solve. I’d love to help share your story with the world. 

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You’re a start-up or small business and offer an amazing service and/or product. Maybe you have a stellar website and fancy graphics but need more organic traffic, SEO keywords, evergreen content or want to increase sales and create visual content that will leave a lasting impression on your audience and attract new clients. That’s where I come in. As a boutique production company, Calypso Productions offers a wide-range of niche specific, targeted services geared towards sharing your brand’s story and message with the world. With a background in writing and filmmaking, I cultivate and tailor each experience based on each brand and their audience to create unique content, in all forms.

Content creation doesn’t have to be something big and scary. Whether your brand is just launching or has been around for decades, it’s important to have copy as well as visual content that sells your message and story. People are visual creatures with short attention spans. Making a quick and lasting impression is more prevalent than ever. Start-ups and small businesses have a lot going on and don’t always see the need for copy and visual content, but there is always a need. Copy is what drives sales and creates an emotional response. All too often brands handoff the job of a wordsmith to someone without expertise to create a bridge between the brand and their audience, and fall short.  Your brand should be a problem solver and make your buyer’s life easier.  Call-to-actions should be direct and on-brand. Content is psychology based. Appeal to buyers and create an emotional bond with them while making their lives easier, and they'll choose you every time. 

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I work with small businesses and start-ups, creating website copy that speaks to buyers and increases sales as well as creating visual content, such as social media commercials, that do the same. I know that copy, regardless of the medium it’s delivered through, is so impactful. My passion for strategically structuring brand messages and information that evokes an emotional response from buyers is unmatched. I believe storytelling, and story selling, are both an art form. 

During college, I worked in the hospitality industry. I’d spend half of my day writing guests a welcome letter and baking fresh cookies for their arrival. I had created a guest experience unlike anything known before. It opened lines of communication between guests and myself, which allowed me to learn their stories, culture, and hear about friends and family they missed back home. 


Human connection is powerful, and whether you’re writing welcome letters, baking cookies, connecting through copy or through visual mediums like commercials, a personal touch is never lost in translation. Neither are free cookies. #CookieLover

What is the Difference Between a Boutique Content Production Company and Content Agency? 

Agencies usually manage hundreds of clients at one time, a boutique does not. The number one difference is creating a more personal and hands-on experience. Boutiques work closely with their clients, overseeing every step of the process, where agencies have one person managing dozens of projects at once, and usually can’t give their full attention to any one project, at any of its stages.  My approach is quite different.

How Do I Work with You?

If you'd like to work with me for copywriting or commercial work, you can contact me here. If you don't see the type of copywriting or visual content service you're looking for listed, feel free to send me a message with specifics on your project needs. 

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Auditioning for TV and/or Film. Spoiler alert: I’m an actress

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Working on my latest screenplay. #NetflixHereICome

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Producing or directing on set. I’m also an independent filmmaker - I like to keep busy!

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Feeding stray animals and helping find them furever homes. Sometimes it ends up being my home. That’s only happened twice! Check out Best Friends, a non -profit organization that helps rescue stray animals and is leading the charge in making every animal shelter, a no-kill shelter by 2025. 

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Working on my future Oscar speech…kidding. Sort of. 

Do You Charge a Retainer Fee?

Yes, I do require a retainer fee of 50% upfront, and once the project is delivered, the remaining balance is required.

Do You Write Blog Posts, Product Descriptions and Other Copy Content?

 Yes, I create copy for blogs and products as well as corporate training videos and ad copy. I require a minimum of two blog posts to start. As for product descriptions, I ask for a two-month commitment. You can learn more about my pricing for these additional services here.  

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When I'm not creating copy and commercials, you can find me: 

Do You Accept Payment Plans?

I do accept payment plans. A retainer of 50% is still required prior to starting the project. For more information, contact me here

How Long Does Your Process Take?

Depending on the type of services booked, a timeline of 1-4 weeks is usually necessary for completion of a project. 

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